About me...

"love is a reflection of your connection to source"


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What really lights me up is authenticity, integrity and  "getting to the bottom of things". I am a time-bender or manifesting generator as they say in Human Design. It's my nature to investigate new things (all the time) and find the most efficient and effective ways to do anything and everything.  What many years of nursing taught me is the"quick fixes" like medicine and surgery are remiss for creating a life of vitality and peace.  Thanks to curiosity going down the rabbit holes of ancient practices of healing for my own well being; I returned home...


"Ohm" is where it's at!

It's one of the first things learned in yoga teacher training; sound is the beginning.


And for me, sound is a playground.  

The scientist in me is now convinced that the voice is the most efficient and effective tool for transformation and getting to the root of disease. Thankfully, my struggles with self-expression led me to discover these truths and offer them to YOU!


These days I am researching the effects of light language for improving nurses wellbeing to complete a PhD in Integrative Medicine. Otherwise, you will find me having fun roller-skating, hiking or playing in the water while working on a movement for healthcare transformation - Sovereign Nurses Association!


"Heather is awesome to work with. She is open-minded, kind, caring, compassionate and you can discuss anything with her. She helps you get to the root of the problem and implement solutions so you can have a clearer vision on the journey you're on. Invest in yourself, you'll be grateful you did."

Jen Jen


what clients say...

"YOU hold space for appropriate alignment and shifts to help me birth spaciousness and strength in new creative ways.    I’m so excited to do this again!!!  I can’t thank you enough for helping me re-wire and re-orient my system to be able to live my best most vibrant radiant life!!!"

Kristin A.


Executive Coach + Entrepreneur

"After one session with you, I feel completely in touch with my heart. That is the single biggest takeaway, and it has changed everything" 

Beth R. 

Calling Coach + Entrepreneur


Sovereignty Coaching for Nurses

My thesis work is the culmination of 20 years of research and development in integrative tools for wellbeing and vitality. 

The focus of my study is to assess if light language as a sound tool increases wellbeing in nurses. I propose it releases unhealthy patterns of conditioning stored in the subtle body or bio-field. 

This work is the foundation for a sovereignty coaching model to release outdated allopathic and Newtonian paradigms held as a collective consciousness and will give way to a new system to serve humanity: as nurses become whole and vibrant well beings!

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